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Its enough.. So far  it has not been the most positive experience, and i pray real hard that the neurosurgeons and neurologists stop playing pass the buck and get  the research horse already!! Documentation!!! If you dont know what to do.. Stop trying to fit it in this little box of what you know and try to figure it our... But wait... First you have to listen to your patient... You cant just not document because your not seeing it... It will end in mis use of the wrong drug, or end up making hyour patient give up.. And thats not what being in medicine  is supposed to be about... If you dont listen to your  patient.. How you supposed to help them???   i had a dr tell me my gait was off... And in his documentation.. He wrote nothing about what i was experiencing, and had the audacity to dictate "gate-normal"??? What???   ok get with the program here, you cant help your patient if you cant even bother to notice things and write them down!!!    no wonder patients in neurology end up on antidepressants!!!    stop telling them their crazy!!!    any how,  my son... I have no dbt that his szrs are a direct effect from the pressure of his herniation.. Same as those szrs caused by cerebellar tumoor.. Hello doctors???   now i know not all chiari pts have szrs, just like ot all have tc symdrome etc.   but its the only thing that makes sense her for my son.. They are treating him for frontal, temporal, etc epileply which come from the outer cortex of the brain, and all his eegs show nothing to this nature!! You can oly effectively treat a szr if you find its origin.. Hello?? Check the cerebellum??? Compression can cause irregular neuronsignals too.. Anyhow.. Im looking into a neurosurgeon at rainbow clinic in cleveland  thats supposed to be working hand in hand with a neurologist.. Go figure.. (new concept.. No passing the buck!!! ) to address the corrrelation between chiari and szrs, which i wholeheartedly believe. I will get you the name on my next log in.    we are trying to sell our home due to me not working due to my symptoms and now having to be home for my son.. And my husband got pay cuts to boot so.. I will continue to log on when i can. P. S.   selma.. I have to go.. But can you plz let jenshead know that i too saw an eye dr that saw increased vessel etc, heart condition was suspected  , had the tests.. Nothing really evident, however, i do have painfull palpitations often, which i found was very common with symptomatic chiari pts.    as well as ony other organ function.. Your sp fluid feeds all your organs, and whe blocked, you can range form any symptom from breathing difficulty to skin rashes,to muscle atrophy, and no. buy viagra online buy cheap viagra buy generic viagra viagra without a doctor prescription buy viagra online viagra without a doctor prescription viagra for sale viagra without a doctor prescription cheap viagra online buy cheap viagra